So happy that we finally met again, Rachel Bagels! After all the work for getting all the content together for the upcoming S‘Pin Magazine, long long Skype talkes I am happy to call you my friend! ♥
Even if it only was short, but even longer than the past/first time when we met in person and 9 police cars and weird officer kept us from talking past year in Cali… 😀

Having a look on the pics we took between the the KNK#1 and #2 in Slowenia, I am pretty stoked how they turned out… especially when we drove up and the weather was the worst for taking pics and THAN on the top there was the best weather at all!

As always I am super proud of the hard shredding ladies I take photos of for Girls in Longboarding! But this shooting was also new experience for me, first real circumstances for taking photos of freeriding/Downhill for Girls in Longboarding and a BEAUTIFUL landscape! LOVED IT! So happy how well it worked out and to have you on board, love! – So stay tuned for all the pics! ♥

Check out her Facebook, she almost skated all the continents this year, such a rad lady! ♥