This is a personal photo project to show girls and women with all her passion in longboarding. It’s hard to see them, so it felt necessary to show them!This project just started while I was watching several photos of girls I took.

I am a photographer

and you also can find my photos at www.facebook.com/MariaArndtPhotography but I wanted a page only for these girls who do an amazing job between so many guys!So soon I will start to portrait girls in Longboarding and this is just a little foretaste! Check out the INSTAGRAM @girlsinlongboarding and TWITTER @GRLSinLBI think the interview with rolligebrettl.de gives an good insight:
Girls in Longboarding is a new project created by the skater and photographer, Maria Arndt. Girls in Longboaring started in the past few days on Facebook with great resonance.